FIS During the 2018/19 Financial Year that is to say from July 2018 to June 2019, Bulambuli District Local Government received a total sum of twenty one billion, seven hundred sixty nine million, three hundred forty four thousand four hundred and two shillings only (Ushs. 21,769,344,402) from both the consolidated funds and local revenue.

·         Local Revenue-163,928,172/=

·         Central Government Grants-14,998,222,905

·         Donor Funds- 379,348,113/=

·         Transfers received from Other Government units-2,736,517,394/=

·         Total of 8,802,413,402 was spent on wages





Madam Hon. Speaker, and the house at large, I am privileged to report that during the 2018/19 Financial Year, the District authorities utilized the released funds carefully, economically, efficiently and effectively to achieve the following:-

1.    Continued construction of the head quarter administration block on both the northern and southern wings.

2.    Purchased two motorcycles for commercial sector and finance department.

3.    Upgraded Bunangaka health Centre II, and also started construction of Bunangaka Health Centre III.

4.    Construction of a water bone toilet and placenta pit at muyembe HCIV,

5.    Construction of Bunambutye seed school in Bumufuni parish,

6.    Borehole drilling and rehabilitation

7.    Extension of GFS schemes,

8.    Construction of two classroom block with 36 three sitter classroom desks at Mabugu primary school, 3 five stance pit latrines at Buyaga township P/S, Masugu, P/S and Goozi P/S.

9.    Six new sub counties were operationalized and they include:Nabiwutulu, Soti, Bufumbo, Bumufuni, Bunalwere and Buwanyanga.

10.Fencing of the district headquarters.

11.Renovation of Commercial office

12.Supported Muyembe sub county with DDEG funds for the construction of their headquarters.


1.0        RECRUITMENT:

The District managed to recruit Eighty one (81) staff in the course of the financial year and now the District has a total of One Thousand three hundred forty seven (1347) staff as at 30th/06/2019 excluding retirements and deaths.

The recruitment now stands at 74%.

2.0        RETIREMENT:

Twenty one staff retired from service on attainment of the mandatory age of sixty (60) years, and one on early retirement and all their pension files were submitted to the Ministry of Public Service for their retirement benefits.

On a good note most of these retired staff accessed the pension’s payroll and were paid gratuity and monthly pension. The few who did not access the payroll immediately accessed early this financial year and others are yet to access.

3.0        DEATH:

On a sad note we lost three (3) staff (Two teachers and One Assistant Nursing Officer) and a district councillor  representing Bunambutye sub county.This has left a very big gap in the District. The process of replacement in order to cover up this gap is ongoing.



We received a total of Forty Nine Million shillings (49,000,000/=) for CBG in the FY 2018/19 and these funds were utilized according to the CBG guidelines and work plan.

4.1Study tour; The District Political Leaders were supported to have a study tour to Bududa District Local Government.

4.2Support for Studies; The District was able to support Eight (8) staff for studies from the CBG funds during the course of the financial year most of them are completing by November 2019.

4.3Induction; the induction of newly recruited staffs was conducted successfully. The Eighty one staffs were inducted and all of them had to take oath.

4.4Retooling; we managed to retool the Human Resource Office and the Registry where files were purchased in order to allow proper record keeping of our records.

4.5Training of parish chiefs.

The parish chiefs were re-inducted to remind them of their roles.

5.0        Verification of Academic Documents:

There is continuous evidence to show that some of our workers have forged documents.

We are continuing to make efforts to ensure that these are weeded out.



The district has 55 government aided including the new Bunambutye resettlement Primary School with a total Enrolment of 37691with a teaching staff of 589 giving a teacher pupil ratio of 1:64 and 80 private owned primary schools. The secondary school section has 10 Government aided schools including the new Seed School of Bunambutye and St, Joseph Buyaga SS which has been grant aided by government with an Enrolment of 4978. Four private secondary Schools are in partnership with government while 2 are purely private. Much as government and other development partners in education have tried to support education activities through giving grants and other material support. Like; UPE, USE grants and construction of school facilities (Teachers’ houses, classrooms, latrines etc) the quality of education is still wanting as seen from PLE, UCE and UACE results.

A classroom block constructed at Mabugu primary school.

Three 5-stance VIP latrines constructed at Masugu Primary school, Buyaga Township P/S, and Goozi P/S.




1.    Sisiyi sub-county

2.    Buginyanya sub-county

3.    Kamu sub-county

4.    Bulegeni town council

5.    Masira sub-county

6.    Bunambutye sub-county

7.    Namisuni sub-county

8.    Lusha sub-county

9.    Muyembe sub-county

10.Bwikhonge sub-county

11.Bulegeni sub-county

12.Simu sub-county

13.Buyaga town council












Sisiyi Sub-county

Ø  Kibanda

Ø  Kisubi


Bulambuli Town Council

Ø  Administration


Bumugibole Sub-county

Ø  Bumugibole

Ø  Gamangweni

Ø  Lugoli


Kamu Sub-county (Semi Buginyanga Comprehensive)

Ø  Masaba (old village)

Ø  Kamu Old

Ø  Kisenyi (Old Village)

Ø  Masola (Old Village)


Buluganya Sub-county

Ø  Nataba


Masira Sub-county

Ø  Ganzo

Ø  Mbigi

Ø  Malungi

Ø  Dunga

Ø  Kinyafu

Ø  Buzemunwa


Bunambutye Sub-county

Ø  Bunanganda

Ø  Bumasasi

Ø  Buluguya

Ø  Bushiangi


Bulaago Sub-county

Ø  Bugatisa


Lusha Sub-county

Ø  Kinganda

Ø  Gombe

Ø  Bumwambu


Muyembe Sub-county

Ø  Bungwanyi

Ø  Bumugoya

Ø  Buwagogo

Ø  Bulako

Ø  Buyaka


Nabbongo sub-county

Ø  Nabbongo

Ø  Bufukhula

Ø  Bumasoko

Ø  Buwakholi


Bwikhonge Sub-county

Ø  Bwikhonge

Ø  Buwabwaka

Ø  Bunalwere


Bulegeni Sub-county

Ø  Samazi


Buginyanya Sub-county

Ø  Bunayajje

Ø  Sisiyi

Ø  Giduno

Ø  Kirwali


Bulegeni Town Council

Ø  Bulegeni

Ø  Magala Ward


Simu Sub-county

Ø  Bukibologoto

Ø  Savanah

Ø  Kikuyu


Bumasobo Sub-county

Ø  Bumasobo


Namisuni Sub-county

Ø  Namazi

Ø  Kisekye

Ø  Lusaso


Bukhalu Sub-county



Ø  Bumusamali

Ø  Bungwanyi

Ø  Bunamalira

Ø  Busabulo

Ø  Buyaga Central

Ø  Simu Ward

Ø  Bulumera


Community Based Services


·         Monitored and documented progress of UWEP groups funded during Financial Years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

·         Followed up   UWEP beneficiary groups for technical guidance and recoveries. A total of UGX. 95,217,200 was recovered in the financial year. Over all UGX 166,103,900 has been recovered out of the 237,974,830 UGX representing 70% total recovery. All these funds have been transferred to the central recovery account. So far 42 groups have benefitted from the programme.

·         Participated in UWEP financial audit by MGLSD

·         Photocopied and distributed forms to lower local governments to start generating new project proposals.

·         Mobilized sub-counties to generate enterprise proposals for FY2018/19 and 44 applications were received from 23 sub-counties. Three sub-counties namely Namisuni, Sooti and Bumufuni did not submit any proposal.

·         Co-ordinated enterprise approval meeting by DTPC and DEC members.32 out of the 44 enterprise proposals received were approved by DTPC 12 were deferred for incomplete documentation and budget limitations.

·         Submitted 32 women group enterprise proposals for FY 2018/2019 to Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

·         Engaged sector experts to follow up three women groups for technical guidance and support. The groups were Gubale women dealing in onion production from Namisuni, Cheptui Farmers’ cluster and Buwabwala production and marketing group from Bwikhonge sub-county and dealing rice production

·         Received feedback on UWEP enterprises approved TSU by MGLSD for funding during FY 2018/19. 33 enterprises amounting to UGX 153,910,000 were approved.

·         Conducted joint monitoring of UWEP projects by the Technical Planning Committee members in Bumasobo, Buluganya, Bulegeni Town Council, Buginyanya and Masira sub-counties.

·         Conducted UWEP Programme review meetings with representatives of the stakeholders. The District was divided into three clusters with meeting venues at Nabiwutulu, Buginyanya and District headquarters. Key issues emphasized in the meeting included impact of the Programme on the lives of the beneficiaries, visibility of the Programme manifested in availability of the sign posts and actual projects on ground, project sustainability by the beneficiaries and loan recovery

·         Procured one laptop for documentation



Inadequate funding for operations


Though women projects were approved, these have not yet been funded.

Disability sector

·         Funds disbursed to 5 successful PWD groups of  Bumugoya PWD farmers group-2,060,200 for goats project, Buluganya ‘B’ PWD group-2,420,200  for goats project, Kamu Dubana PWD Association-1,820,200  for goats project, Bwikhonge Sasilana PWD group-2,300,200  for goats project and  Fumbo Diary PWD group-3,349,200 for  Diary project. And Masira PWDS – 800,000/




The department conducted inspection of businesses in sampled growth centres to establish the level of compliance to the licensing Act 2015 as amended that now requires a trade licensing period to run from expiry on 31st December to 12 months from date of issue of license so one license will run for 12 months.

Our traders are small in nature and have a wider range of trading in areas where they can pay affordable licenses and we can report that today the business community is more willing to pay licenses than they were before.



We have so far ear marked the following attractions for both short and medium-term development:

Caves: Gamwenya, Zemasito (also commonly known as Nigo), Kajere, Zebubu, Bulaago manyololo,                Mabati

Water falls: Zemasito, Kajere, Sasa, and Sisiyi

Ladders: Golobetei, Gingoli, Giduno, Manyololo, Namangui, Buzemunwa

Natural Bridges: Sasa, Dindima (between Lusha and Bumugibole in Gombe parish}

Gorges: Bilitanyi

Escarpments: Zebubu, Gabugoto, Gibei in Bulaago.


We conducted a local economic Business assessment in seven key areas of: Local Economy; Regulatory Environment; Economic Infrastructure and Social Services; Business Development Services; Financial Services Sector; Public Private Partnership; and Civil Society Organizations

During that period, we noted a number of achievements, outputs and improvements in governance aspects, significant increases in physical social investments in health, education, roads, and water sectors leading to improved quantity of service delivery because of the unprecedented increase in volumes of central government financial transfers to our district. The above attainments notwithstanding, our district of Bulambuli encounters  difficulties in raising more local or donor funds to co-fund construction of physical investments, meet post construction operation and maintenance  cost,  council operation costs and statutory obligations as locally generated revenues are low and declining partly because of the limited household incomes  leading to high poverty levels at our household level which is estimated to be  at 31 % of the total population (UBOS 2015).

 From our survey we realized that some of  the  reasons  responsible for the high poverty levels include   inadequate basic economic infrastructure services, slow growth of sustainable businesses, low employment and incomes  attributed to among others, production problems:- like low levels of private investment, un competitive businesses, low productivity, inadequate skills, lack of innovation. Lack of markets is also a key problem manifested in limited business development services, commodity and financial markets. Other problems include: weak private sector organisations and limited decision making power for women, inequities in terms of limited access to vital resources and opportunities among women.  ; Weak local economic partnerships.


It is against this back ground that the district has embarked on the process of formulating proposals to draw attention of the need to bring on board the private sector, donor community and the central government to turn these challenges of Bulambuli DLG into opportunities to enhance the role of our district in promoting wealth creation, reduce poverty, and improve their way of life.



Health Facilities:

·         There are 26 Health facilities

o   1 Health Centre IV,

o   15 Health centre III,

o   10 Health centre IIs,


·         11 Health facilities are now under Results Based Financing.

·         6 health facilities have not been receiving PHC and Medicines all are now receiving medicines and all but three (Bumugibole HC III, Bulegeni Town Council and Gombe HC III are now receiving PHC.

·         4 Sub Counties have no health facilities Kamu, Bufumbo, Muyembe, Bulegeni Sub County, and Buyaga Town Council.



·         OPD new attendance was at 120,237

·         OPD re-attendance was at 5,758

·         Of these 8,216 were admitted for treatment.

·         Hospital Deliveries 34.4%

·         ANC 1st visit is at 76%

·         ANC 4th Visit 28.5%

·         DPT1 Coverage is at 49%

·         DPT 3 Coverage is also at 66.6%

·         Measles Coverage is at 55.5%

·         Family planning coverage is at 36%


·         Two ambulances functional and available in the district.

·         They are both in working condition.

·         One was donated my MP Burundo Alex

·         Other from Ministry Of Health.

·         People still need to contribute for Fuel for both Ambulances.

Causes of Morbidity and Mortality:

·         There is an emerging problem of multi drug resistant Tuberculosis. It costs 1,500,000 to treat a normal TB and 15,000,000 to treat multi drug resistant TB.

·         Malaria continues to be the main cause of illness coupled Respiratory tract infections and skin diseases.

·         Malaria, Pneumonia, Diarrhoeal diseases and non-communicable diseases are the commonest cause of mortality.

·         There was an outbreak of cholera earlier in the year and 57 people were affected otherwise no further outbreaks. Only one person died as a result of this Cholera outbreak



·           Total Number of Households 4669,

·           Safe water coverage was at 67%

·           latrine coverage 39313 equivalent to 84%

·           and hand washing coverage 18023 equivalent to 38.6%

Bulegeni Town council, Namisuni and Bumasobo Sub-Counties are already Open defaecation free and we hope other Sub Counties will soon join.


·         Upgrading of Bunangaka HC II to HC III.

·         Construction of waterborne Toilet in Muyembe HC IV,

·         Construction of Placenta Pit Muyembe HC IV,

·         Structural and architectural drawings for Maternity theatre Bumwambu HC IV,

·          Level of Ground for construction of maternity at Bumwambu HC IV.

·         Renovation of OPD, IPD and staff houses at Bumwambu HC III.


Human Resource:

The District employs 256 health staff and last financial year we recruited 28 porters, 5 Lab Assistants, 2 Health Assistants and Appointed substantive District Health Officer.

Dispensers, Clinical Officers and Anaesthetic officers continue to be critical human resource.

Absenteeism continues to be a problem in spite of the introduction of biometric machines.

12 Health Facilities have biometric machines for monitoring staff performance but utilisation of these machines continues to be a problem.


Medical Supplies:

The medicine supply was good through- out the year except for some items like sutures and gloves in theatre.

Generally there are enough antimalarial in the district.

The vaccine supply was good

Hepatitis B vaccine is still available in the district.

Medicines for HIV/AIDS and TB are available.



Water sector

Drilled two (2) boreholes- one in Nabongo and another in Bunambutye

Nineteen boreholes were rehabilitated:

Bukhalu -3

Muyembe -3

Bwikhonge -5

Nabongo -5

Bunambutye -3

Extended 22 gravity Flow Tap stands


Lusha -3


Buluganya -5

Simu -5

Masira -2

Buginyanya -1

Bumugibole -1

Two springs were protected in Lusha


Periodic maintenance

Kimuli-Tunyi –Buwokadala 4km

Bumugusha –Sisiyi Sub county -3.9km

Bunambutye –Greek 3km

Nabbongo – Buwasyeba -1km

Bunamujje – Buwakhanyunyi-0.5km

Kikobero –Kapchorwa 3.5km

Emergency works

Namatiti bridge was done

Nairobi corner – Kamu market1.3 km


Routine Maintenance

Biritanyi-Sobezi 3km

Bulaago TC-Gimadu 1.2km

Nairobi corner –Kamu market 1.2km

Bunanimi – Sipi river 3.5km

Namatiti –Samazi 5.5km

Bungwanyi –Bulumera 7.0km

Buyaga –Muyembe1.2km

Gudoi –Pondo 4km

Gimayote –Marama 1.75km

Bulegeni tc –Bumwidyeki 1.3km

Kigomu –Gimadu 2km

Kikobero –Dunga 3km

Kisubi – Kigomu 3km

Muyembe –Jambula 1.8km

Nabongo –Buwasyeba 6km

Nana –Namudongo 6km

Tadeo –Muleme 4.5km

Zema – Makutano 1.3km

Buginyanya –Bumuginyanya 6km

Zewali-Simu River 2km

Kibanda –Mbigi 4.7km

Kibanda – Gamatimbei 4km

Production and marketing


The department received the following amount of money;

·         Agricultural extension grant; 399,892,259=

·         Production and marketing grant; 175,532,247=.



·         5 technical staff at district and one

·         All sectors at district have a sector head except entomology.

·         18 veterinary staff, 18 crop staff at sub-county level.


Departmental Activities

·         10,000 Households visited and offered Agricultural extension services in terms of trainings and demonstrations.

·         40 Agriculture Extension kits purchased to facilitate the extension workers in offering of Advisory services.

·         04 departmental review and planning meetings conducted to streamline the departmental activities.

·         05 trainings conducted at the district to build the capacities of extension staff in extension service and data collection /analysis.

·         The sector heads have been facilitated to attend several stake holders’ workshops and consultative visits at MAAIF, NAADS, and UNDP headquarters.

·         Plant health rallies and animal clinics have been conducted in the sub counties of Bulegeni, Muyembe, Bulambuli T/C, Nabbongo, Bumasobo, Buluganya, Bunambutye and Bwikhonge.

·         Conducted several tsetse fly catch surveys and installed traps across the district.

·         Held one district level Apiary farmers’ stakeholders’ workshop at the district headquarters.

·         196 fish farmers trained in modern fish farming techniques.

·         Launch of the 4 Acre model was done at the district headquarters. This involved extension staff, sector heads, sub county chiefs and LC3 chairpersons.

·         16 fish ponds were rehabilitated across the district including construction of one demonstration fish pond in Sisiyi Sub County.

·         1.505 tons of fish were harvested from the fish ponds.

·         The fish market in Kamu was inspected for regulation, quality assurance, fish handling and display improved.

·         Technical staff study tours (Buyende and DATIC centre Tororo)

·         Monitoring of production department activities on quarterly basis.

·         Procured 11 laptops for improvement in communication and reporting.

·         Acquired 10 motorcycles and a one vehicle (UBE 628R) from MAAIF.

·         Two extension staff are on short courses and are expected back before end of year.

·         Recruited two staff at District headquarters that is the Agricultural Engineer and Veterinary Officer.

·         Department procured 2 GPS machines,

·         4 cabinets and 4 cup boards and 4 tables.

·         Upgrade &Renovation of Veterinary Lab & Plant Clinic was undertaken to completion.


The following materials and inputs were procured and distributed to various farmer groups for demonstration purposes and value addition.

·         One motorized diesel irrigation pump.

·         One motorized coffee pulper

·         52 liters of cypermethrine

·         52 liters of copper Nodox

·         10bags of CAN

·         100Kg of Maksoy

·         100kg of sunflower seed

·         2 bags of NPK

·         2 bags of Miraz

·         40 modern beehives

·         08 catcher boxes

·         08 smokers

·         40 liters of acaricides and Albendazole

·         10 knapsack sprayers

·         60 silage bags

·         02 Motorized grass choppers.


Inputs received from operation wealth creation


Number received

Coffee seedlings


Irish potatoes

11,200 kgs

Banana plantlets


Livestock/Dairy heifers.



Other programmes in the department

ILM- five CBOs received the first tranche of funds amounting to 53m UGX and they include: Namisuni Nature conservation, Bukibologoto intergrated, Dubana farmers association, Zemalenyi women association for development and Kikuyu Farmer’s Association.


JICA is in the final stage of design for Atari irrigation scheme also the one for Achomai which is funded by African development bank have advertised the tender for construction and shortlisting of bidders for supervision.

Lower Sipi: this is funded by Islamic Development Bank and it is at the final phase of the design for the construction.

SWT rice firm based in Bwikhonge have planted 6422 acres of rice under irrigation.

Kingdom rice has 10,000 acres and so far 5000 acres have been planted with rice.

The district is now being considered for ACDP (Agriculture Cluster Development project) and also for coffee value chain whereby a team has been selected for national validation.







Natural Resources Department

Bulambuli Natural Resources Department comprises :Wetland sector, Environment, Forestry, Physical Planning and Lands.


Planned activities


·      Remarks




Verification of projects for certification of completed works during periodic, Mechanical and routine maintenance

26 site visits made for 26 roads

Held meetings with CDOs in-charge of project specific Sub counties.

10 Gravity flow schemes visited, 5 borehole drilling projects and 4 bore rehabilitation projects.

While some projects undertake screening and certification processes, others remain incompliant thus predisposes communities to environment risks.

There is inadequate funding to facilitate environmental programs

Promotion of collaborative management of the National Park

Nine million nine hundred thirty five thousand one hundred shillings (9,935,100/=) from UWA shared to Sub counties neighbouring Mt. Elgon NP. 4 CBOs benefited, 2 for Bulaago and 2 for Lusha

Monitoring  progress of all LLG project

2 monitoring visits done

26 site visits made for 26 roads

Held meetings with CDOs incharge of project specific Sub counties.

10 Gravity flow schemes visited, 5 borehole drilling projects and 4 bore rehabilitation projects. 

Screening of projects

17 roads screened including Simu- Buwokadala, Zewali- Simu river and Bumugusha Sisiyi road.

Gravity flow schemes and others like tap stand at canan primary school.

Monitoring of projects  for periodic, Mechanical and routine maintenance works

4 Site visitations made to areas of road works indifferent sub counties of Muyembe, Bunambutye, Nabbongo, Bwikhonge, Sisiyi, Lusha, Bukhalu and Bumufuni.

All sites for Gravity flow schemes, borehole drilling and rehabilitation activities in named sub counties visited. 

Review meeting with HODs and Sector heads on Environment Screening and Project certification

1 review meeting held with HODs and Sectors to review their progress on screening and certification of projects for FY 2018/2019.

Sensitization and Law enforcement for environmental compliance

Sensitization and enforcement carried for river bank users.

Monitoring of CBOs for environmental compliance

CBOs in Bulago and Lusha monitored by S/C staff.

Certification of projects

10 projects certified including Bunambutye- Greek road, Kimuli-Tunyi road, Bumugusha- sisiyi road, Kibanda-Mbigi road, Kikobero-Kapchorwa, Kigomu Gimadu, Buyaga- Muyembe, Gimayote- Malama, Nairobi-Corner Kamu road.



Community training on wetland management

50 People trained in Muyembe and Nabbongo

All activities were successfully implemented though many community members remain adamant to compliance with regulations.

More effort in enforcement is needed

Tree planting along river banks

Communities along 3 rivers of Simu, Muyembe and Cheptui mobilized for tree planting

Assorted seedlings transported to sites.

Monitoring of wetlands for compliance

Wetlands in 3 LLGs of Bulambuli TC, Bunalwere and Bulegeni S/C monitored.

 Management of wetlands in Nabbongo, Bumufuni, Bunambutye, Bwikhonge and Muyembe

 4 meetings held, 1 in each of Muyembe, Simu, Sipi and Nabbongo

Monitoring was done along rivers of Simu, Muyembe and Bwikhonge

150 river bank users sensitized

1000m stretch planted with trees cost




Community mobilization on tree planting

All community members (67House holds) in Bunambutye Resettlement area were mobilized for tree planting.

Delayed implementation of tree planting activities cripples performance given the rainfall pattern in Bunambutye and generally Bulambuli

Inadequate funds for general repair of motorcycle

Lack of funds to facilitate most sector activities.

The district needs to also provide seedlings from time to time to communities albeit supplies from MWE and other well wishers

Sensitization and Training on tree planting

100 Households sensitized and trained on proper tree planting and management practices.

Procurement and supply of seedlings to Bunambutye Resettlement Area

Five thousand one hundred (5100) assorted seedlings procured and supplied, including Oranges, Mangoes, Terminalia spp, Batthedavia and Grevillea Robusta.

Distribution of Seedlings to community members in  Bunambutye Resettlement Area

Five thousand one hundred (5100) assorted seedlings distributed to 100 households.

Two hundred eighty thousand seedlings (280000) assorted seedlings supplied and distributed under FIEFOC project to more than 10 sub counties making a total planting area of approximately 254 Ha at 3x3m.

Routine monitoring and supervision of tree planting and management activities

3 monthly supervision and monitoring progress reports.


Political monitoring

Monitoring visit (1) by production committee.

Repair and Maintenance of motocycle

2 tyres purchased,

Motorcycle chain and sprocket and other routine services done for UG 222S

Collection of Revenue from forest produce

One million two hundred eighty thousand shillings (1280000/=) collected

Physical Planning


Visitation to subcounties for familiarization

15 LLGs visited including Bunambutye, Bumufuni, Muyembe, Bulambuli TC, Nabbongo, Bwikhonge, Bukhalu, Bunalwere, Bumasobo, Sottii, Bumugibole, Bufumbo, Nabiwutulu and Buwanyanga.

Bad road conditions especially during the rainy season limiting access to certain areas.

Many people remain un complaint to the physical planning regulations

There are inadequate funds to carry out physical planning activities.

Time management for meetings remains a big challenge

Land Inspection for building construction

12 LLGs visited thus Buginyanya, Muyembe , Bulambuli, Bunambutye, Bumufuni, Masira, Buginyanya, Bukhalu, Buyaga TC, Buwanyanga and Bulegeni S/C.

Conduct physical planning committee meetings

Three (3) Physical Planning committee meetings held



Survey and Titling of Institutional land

Land for 6 Government institutions surveyed and files submitted to Ministry of Lands for titling. These are Nabiwutulu HCII, Bumwambu HCIII, Bunangaka HCIII, Bunambutye Seed Secondary School.

Bureaucracy at MoLH delays the titling process

Inadequate sector to support activities

Payment of service providers

Payment worth five million two hundred twenty six thousand five hundred fifty made to surveyors for Bumwambu HCIII, Nabiwutulu HCII and Ngoyo HCII.

Procurement of  Land Act Cap 227 and Land Regulation 2004

Forty Eight (48) books @ 30000/= of the Land Regulation 2004 and Land Act Cap 227 procured.




Submitted Physical Planning Committee minutes to MoLH.

Office remained equipped with material to support different activities

Submitted quarterly reports to MWE.

Submitted workplans and reports to OPM.

Procure assorted stationery for the office

Quarterly procurement assorted stationery for the office successfully done.

Procurement of assorted cleaning materials

Procured assorted cleaning materials

Procure items for provision of Office tea

Procured items for provision of Office tea.


Participated in the districts level consultation meeting on the development of the 10 general management plan for UWA

Participated the district disaster meetings with OPM and performance assessment training by MoLG

Attended many other workshops by NEMA, FIEFOC, MWE and MAAIF to inform on progress of projects under implementation in Bulambuli and other districts.

Paid salaries for 6 department staff

Participate in the preparation of BFP and the Budget conference.

Prepared quarterly reports (PBS) for the department online.

Participated in the HOD meetings with CAO that discussed issues relating to review of the DDP, External Audit, PPAC among others






Madam Hon. Speaker and the august house, the service delivery to the population of Bulambuli district during the Financial Year 2018/19 was hampered by the following challenges:-


Inadequate Funding: Thelocal revenue base in the District is too small to supplement on the Central Government transfers. We need to be more innovative in local revenue mobilization and collection.

c) Lack of sustainability plan for completed projects in the District is a very big challenge.

d) Poor attitude of stakeholders toward Government programs and projects, most of stakeholders have a problem of assuming that the government should do each and everything even maintaining projects for them thus lack of ownership.

e) Absenteeism is still a challenge by LLGs staff  sub county chiefs and parish chiefs Health Centres and schools.

f) Adverse weather Conditions and Natural calamities: the Weather conditions sometimes are not favorable for agricultural production thus reduction in the yield leading to poverty, Impassable roads, landslides and floods.

g) Lack of Physical Planning and land management, Many of the growing centres are not planned ,have poor hygiene and sanitation facilities.

h) Falling District Indicative Planning Figures distorts the Budgeting amidst huge stakeholder demands.